Introducing: Sarah Slayman

Introducing our new director for 2019 This is Sarah Slayman. - “My decision to pursue God deeper was influenced by the wonder that seeing creation through a lens brought me 5 years ago. My camera caused me to pause and observe the detail behind what God had created in nature, and I greater fell in love with Him and the craft. When I moved to the city, He transformed my heightened love for His creation of nature to His creation of people, and I recognized how much more He treasures t hose made in his image.

Photography invites people into distant realities by bridging gaps with understanding that can provoke movement. That’s where we see the value in documenting these gospel conversations that we’re having.

Making people feel known before they're told that they're loved is foundational. So we ask questions, we don’t interrogate, but we intentionally seek to understand our community, in love. There are people to hear and truth to share, and I’m really excited to be leading this team in doing that creatively.”


"I created this project, but as soon as it became a ministry, I knew it wasn't mine to hold onto for much longer. I am so grateful and thankful to see this ministry be taken from my hands and into the Father's, him evidently guiding me through this.

Sarah was a dear friend of mine and God evidently pointed her out, not just to me, but to others from the team and those around us. It was clear that God was calling her to step up.

Though I am unsure about the future, and I still have many hopes and dreams for this ministry, God made it clear over and over again that the future is bright. My assurance is in the Lord where all of his promises are yes and amen.

I am humbled and honored to be passing on this ministry to a trusted sister in Christ who will lead well because the Holy Spirit is in her.

Blessings Sarah, you will go far"

Moody Bible Institute | Freshman Year 2016