Let's Talk About When You're NOT

Not sharing the love of Jesus with them, because you’re not letting Holy Spirit lead you to them, because you’re not asking Him to, because you’re not expecting Him to, because you’re not feeling it.

Lately, I’ve been feeling shaky. Shaky in my relationship with God. He’s been feeling distant. And I’ve been feeling numb, and bored. Numb as in life hasn’t felt super meaningful, and an extremely busy schedule full of mundane obligations has sucked the thrill out of life. I love thrill. I thrive on experience. And so, lately, I’ve been feeling frustrated at God. God, why would you not show up BIG to prove yourself to me when I ask you to? Why haven’t I had been having amazing interactions with strangers lately? God, why doesn’t my life feel radical right now? Why do you feel distant? Why don’t I hear your voice? Why don’t I feel peaceful in my relationship with you?

I’ve noticed in myself a Spirit of cynicism about God and myself and life in general, which is very unlike me. But I’ve felt justified in it, because God had been choosing to hold out on me. And doesn’t He know I’m too busy to take responsibility myself right now? It’s up to Him to fix it and do everything I require of Him so that I can call Him good.

Friends, I was so, so, so wrong. And it fills my heart with such delight to tell you that!!! Let me share this with you – Satan wants you to think like hell on your way to heaven. I recently watched a sermon by Todd White, and those were his words. As we are striving for heaven by everything we do and say, Satan will shove a pebble in our windshield that yields to at first tiny cracks that get us thinking like him instead of like our heavenly Savior. Those thoughts will be lies to our true identity in Christ; in fact, they will directly appose Him. But as long as we are striving for heaven by everything we do and say and even think and pray, we will not realize that we are living into hell instead of the kingdom of God.

Here’s the thing: we can’t get to heaven by what we do or say. NO. WAY. We can only get to heaven by being joined to Christ. And praise God, we are!!!! We do not have to strive for heaven. In Christ, we only have to be. We miss out on the GOODNESS and THRILL of life in the Spirit when we do not choose to rest in this being every. Single. Day. I hadn’t been leaving room in my busy schedule for being. And because of that, I wasn’t dwelling by His Spirit moment by moment. And because of that, nothing exciting was happening and I was thinking about everything like hell instead of with the hopeful, joyful, peaceful, thrilling mind of Christ.

Because let me tell you, when we let Holy Spirit lead us in every moment – at school, at work, walking around town from place to place, in our conversations – thrilling things WILL happen! But it must start with being. Those things we do and say cannot and will not get us to heaven. Our participation in CHRIST will get us there, and guess what – He IS heaven itself!! When we abide in Him, we literally get to experience heaven on earth!! What an incredible, incredible gift.

So before and while and after you get out there, rest in Him, my friends. Sit with Him, let Him lavish His heavenly love on you and remind you whose you are. Don’t miss out on heaven while you’re on earth. Be blessed in the presence of Christ.